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Boerne homeowners purchase homes by REMAX Associates, Allen RealtyYou have landed in the ideal spot if you are looking for property for sale in Boerne, Texas. We are proud to be able to say that we have established a reputation as the leading REMAX MLS agency serving people in and around Kendall County, and we greatly value the relationships that we have built in this area. It is gratifying to help people find their dream homes, and this is what motivates us more than anything else.

This unique, historic city is an extraordinary place to live on multiple different levels. It was founded all the way back in 1849 by free thinking intellectuals that mused about utopian ideals, science, and the arts. The philosophical connection persists through the Guadalupe Valley Poetry Celebration that is held in town every year, and the Cibolo Nature Center is a major local attraction.

Search our MLSThere is all of this cultural wealth and natural beauty in town, but at same time, it is part of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the American Southwest. It is a great place to own property, and we always have all the latest MLS listings of homes for sale in Boerne, Texas. Plus, we have our finger directly on the pulse of the market at all times, so we have the ability to pass along brand-new listings to our clients before they are fully circulated.

Experienced Short Sales

Looking for a HomeA short sale is a non-conventional type of transaction that can be beneficial to the buyer and seller in the long run. Sometimes, when a homeowner cannot keep up with their mortgage payments, and the home is underwater, the lender will approve a sale for less than the amount that is owed on the property. This is called a short sale, and we are highly qualified, experienced Boerne, TX short sale agents.

If you take advantage of an opportunity like this, you can potentially consummate a deal that is very favorable to you. This is something that investors can sometimes take advantage of as well.

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