Real Estate and Homes for Sale in San Antonio, Spring Branch, Stone Oak TX and Nearby Cities

Suppose I tell you about a class of investments where someone else (a tenant, perhaps) pays off your initial investment while you increase your monthly income at a steady pace? The prospect sounds exciting right? Real estate investments help you achieve exactly and you could access this asset class by virtue of number of varied routes. We, at the Remax Associates, bring you some of the most fascinating real estate properties for sale in areas including Inwood TX, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Schertz, Spring Branch, and Stone Oak TX. Here’s listing 3 major reasons why real estate investments, traditionally viewed as a hedge against inflation, represent a wonderful avenue for you to invest in:

  • Diversification of your portfolio

Real Estate, Homes for Sale, San Antonio, Spring Branch, Stone Oak TXOne of the cornerstones of portfolio management lies in not putting all your eggs in one basket, i.e. the allocation of funds across a wide variety of asset classes. Real estate helps balance your portfolio by counteracting the volatility of other assets, while ensuring that you’re duly exposed to all the upsize that a bullish economic cycle has to offer. Additionally, the emergence of real estate investment trusts (REITs) ensures that you don’t even need to incur the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining a physical asset, and still gain an exposure to real estate as an asset class.

  • The use of leverage to enhance returns

Given that real estate is a hard tangible asset, it is very easy for an investor to raise funds by pledging the real estate asset itself as your loan collateral. Further, you would be utilizing leverage to finance your initial capex as you would be paying down your mortgage by renting out your property.

  • Tax Advantages

Like a retirement savings plan, any mark-to-market gains on your real estate holdings are shielded from taxes till you choose to lock in your profits by selling the asset. This benefit only compounds when you hold many such assets in your portfolio. Further, the very investment you make can be eligible for a number of tax cesses. For starters, the cost of financing and operating your property can be deducted from your overall income liable for tax.

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