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Stone Oak real estate is truly exceptional. There are all kinds of real estate properties available in Stone Oak that will meet almost every budget. There are homes as affordable as the mid $100s, which are great for families just starting out. Then there are much more expensive homes over a million dollars that are luxurious. No matter what type of home you are looking for, there is a piece of Stone Oak real estate that will work perfectly for you.

Stone Oak Real Estate

Additionally, Stone Oak real estate is of great interest to many families who want to live in a master planned community yet work in San Antonio or in another close by town. This allows them to have a family-oriented lifestyle at home, yet be close enough to the big city to commute on a daily basis.

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The Community

Stone Oak, Texas came into existence during the 1980s when the real estate market crashed. Once this occurred, 4,300 acres of land were purchased and a master-planned community was created. Amazingly, during the market crash all types of real estate lost their value, but not the master-planned communities. These areas like Stone Oak retained their value and even today keep increasing in value.

The idea for Stone Oak was to create a community that not only offered homes for families and individuals but that also had offices, churches, schools, banks, restaurants, and everything else. The driving force behind this idea was for children to grow up together and attend the same schools throughout elementary, middle and high school, while allowing parents to work close by.  Another goal was to have frequent social activities in the community. There are golf courses, children’s programs, aquatics centers, tennis courts, parks, trails, and recreation centers coupled with the serenity and beauty of Texas Hill Country living. Residents appreciate the peacefulness and open space. Stone Oak truly accomplished what it set out to and today the community is flourishing.

Stone Oak Schools

The education options in Stone Oak are exceptional. There are four elementary schools and two middle schools.The high school (a college like campus), pubic library and provides a great climate for high school students. Also there are several private schools nestled throughout the 4,300 acres. Children who grow up in Stone Oak, or who move there, will certainly have plenty of options as far as education is concerned. The schools within Stone Oak have outstanding reputations, high national rankings, and doing better than well on end-of-course tests.

Medical Facilities

The medical options in Stone Oak are certainly varied. That is because right in the middle of Stone Creek is North Central Baptist Hospital, recently opened, Methodist Hospital on Sonterra Blvd. The location of these hospitals has resulted in a variety of medical services being offered in the area, and plenty of local doctors’ offices are in easy reach.