How to Stage Your San Antonio Home for a Quick Sale

Stage for Quick SaleSan Antonio, Texas is a prosperous and family-friendly area that is home to five Fortune 500 companies. Many people are flocking to the area due to its prosperity, and home sales data reflects this. Between the months of June and July in 2013, home sales increased by a whopping 27% — and during the entire summer of 2013, homes only sat on the market for an average of 71 days. 
The brisk housing market in San Antonio means that if you have been waiting to sell your home, now might be an opportune time.

If you’re considering selling, you might have received the advice that you need to stage your home. That can be an important step to help make your home more attractive to buyers, and therefore to sell it faster and for a higher price. However, there are many aspects of the home selling business that you need to consider, in addition to staging.

1. Home buyers want to see your property as an investment. This means your home must appear as though it is well cared for. First, evaluate the outside of your house, or its curb appeal. Are you lawn and any gardens attractive and well-kept? Does the exterior perhaps need a paint job? Obviously, any glaring problems such as broken shutters or missing roofing shingles need to be fixed up ASAP.  Repeat this process inside.

Identify all the cosmetic problems within your home and make appropriate fixes. Look for small nail holes, missing trim, loose cabinetry hardware, and chipping paint within your house. Fill in holes with spackle and replace trim; replace the hardware and consider having the interior painted. Ask a friend or family member to tour your home looking for problem areas once you have completed cosmetic fixes.

2. Consider removing the majority of personal items from your home before you start to show it. This helps potential home buyers to imagine themselves living within your home. Pack away photos, family heirlooms, mementos, calendars, and any personalized artwork. Box items and place them in the basement, or consider renting a storage unit. Storage units are a good idea to ensure the safekeeping of belongings while people tour your home.

3. Think about organizing kitchen cabinets, closets, and other storage spaces in your home. People look for homes for sale that have a great deal of storage space. Consider adding organizers in closets and arrange your clothes, shoes, and accessories. This informs home buyers that an entire wardrobe fits in the closet space. In a child’s room, place organizers for toys and other items. Consider arranging pots, pans, spices, and foods in kitchen pantries. Try to push the foods to the back of cabinetry to give the illusion of space.

4. Stage extra rooms wisely inside your home. Potential buyers look for homes for sale in San Antonio with playrooms, recreation spaces, guest bedrooms, and offices. These added rooms are extras that make your home stand out. Rent furniture for the space, or move furniture around that indicates how the room can be utilized. Ask your realtor for suggestions if you are unsure about staging ideas.

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